The Reference integrates the creative cell of Design is Dead into its team

The Reference announces it integrates the 20 creative talents of Design is Dead in its team. It also adds the agency clients and goodwill of its Antwerp-based sister company of Emakina Group. Design is Dead is very much alive and kicking and now fully focuses on enterprise platform integration, application building and ICT-advice.

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Agile guides in digital journeys

Well done.

Design is Dead has the ambition to always lead our clients to digital maturity.
And spread a little happiness along the journey. As our work documents...

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We deliver. Always on target, often above expectations.

For over a decade, we make good on our promise, as a trusted long-term partner for our clients.

We deliver. Always on target, often above expectations.

As part of the European digital agency group Emakina, we can add local and global digital and marketing resources and expertise, from top talent and trusted partners.

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